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CV Writing – Let us take the pain out and add the experience in to create a winning CV for you

It may be some considerable time since you had to write a CV. In todays job market, even for some of the lower paid less skilled jobs, there is a great deal of competition from many applicants, so having a fit for purpose CV is an essential part of the process in securing a new role.

There are so many important aspects to writing a great CV and even more traps to fall into if you are not up to date with your CV knowledge. If you don’t pitch yourself just right for the role, you will find yourself in file 13, no matter how qualified and experienced you think you may be.

If you don’t have up-to-date knowledge and experience of writing a CV, then we can help because we have written and reviewed many CVs in the past few years between our experienced team.

For only £125, we will work with you to produce a generic CV that you can tailor exactly, as required, so fit the roles that you are going for, and we’ll show you how. You only have to look around the recruitment agencies to realise what excellent value we are offering with our CV writing service.

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We also provide a CV updating service where you can have your CV re-shaped to suit the requirements of a specific Job Description and these start at £40 and will be priced depending on how much further work will be required.

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Interview Coaching – If it’s been a while since you have had a job interview, don’t leave it to chance

Getting past the CV sift stage and being offered an interview is a significant step, as most job applications end at the submission of a CV.

If you have had a lengthy career, then it may be some time since you last had to prepare for and undertake a job interview. Even if you have been through the promotion system, it’s not the same type of interview and there’s a lot you can do to prepare. Getting this far is a big step towards landing the job, so why would you leave it to chance?

We can offer you a personal interview coaching session, delivered across Skype, for the specific role that you have been offered an interview for.

Having sat on both sides of the table on many occasions, and having worked closely with a number of recruitment agencies, we can help you prepare properly for that all important interview.

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Mock Interview and Feedback – Practise without consequences in a specially prepared interview

With an interview, you only get one chance to impress.  Just getting to the interview stage is a big step so it’s not worth cutting corners in terms of preparation.

We will prepare and deliver a mock interview using skype or similar, where we ask what we believe will be the type of questions you are likely to receive based on the job description and advert.  Once the mock interview has been completed, we provide you with the feedback to allow you to make relevant changes to your approach and enable you to be absolutely prepared to give it your best shot.

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Personal Coaching – Let us help you to achieve your goals, whatever they may be

Not everyone is completely focused, organised and motivated.  Sometimes it can require the support of a coach to help remove that feeling of malaise or procrastination, where you think that things aren’t going well or where you have perhaps lost your mojo and need someone to lean on.

We have several highly qualified and experienced coaches ready to provide you with support, and the good news is, they used to be police officers too, so they have an idea of exactly what you may be going through.

Typically, a coaching session lasts for around and hour and can be delivered either face-to-face, Skype or on the telephone.  Most goals are achievable once a person has had around 6 coaching sessions and this could include the breaking of old habits and creating positive new ones.  Whatever you want to achieve, working with a coach can make it much more likely.

If you don’t want to go on this journey alone and think that having the support of a coach could help, then you can book a free no-obligation consultation, which we will do via Skype or telephone, to find out if we can help you.

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Competency Based Job Applications

Let us help you understand the requirements of a competency based job application

More and more private companies now use competency based applications as part of their selection process. The need to understand and comply with the specific requirements of this type of application leave some ex-police colleagues struggling to compete. They have the skills and experience but may lack knowledge of or experience with the process and have difficultly dealing with the language and style of the process.

Even serving police officers may not always find it easy to grasp the requirements of a competency based job application, whether they are applying for promotion or another position in the same rank. They see other colleagues moving ahead of them in their careers when they may consider that they have more experience than those being selected.

As you will be leaving or may already have left the police service, we can help you to write excellent examples of your evidence in a way that future employers will understand and appreciate and often expect to see.  We will also help you to understand the use of Situation, Task, Action and Results (STAR) as an important component of a good competency based evidenced example.

Failure to write good evidence examples in the correct style may lead to your job application being filtered out at the first stage, which means you have no chance to impress at an interview.

For only £120 we will review your competency based application, compare it to the job description and competency framework of the job that you have applied for, then offer you suggested amendments to the style and content of your application to make it fit better to the requirements of the post.

We will also provide you with tips on the STAR format based on your evidence, which will help you to write better evidence examples. This will help you to write evidence examples that can also be used during interview. We believe that this offers excellent value when compared to the potential benefits of landing your new job.

If you think you have identified the perfect job for you, why leave anything to chance?

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