Self-Belief You may have heard the phrase “Believe in yourself, otherwise how can you expect others to believe in you?”  This is relevant for anyone seeking a new career, but particularly so for police officers and staff who are leaving an organisation that they may...

Using the Decision Making Model to find a new career

USING THE DECISION MAKING MODEL TO FIND A NEW CAREER Earlier this month I was invited by the owner of Police Resettlement Magazine, James Atkins, to attend and join him on his stand at the Police Resettlement Expo in Manchester. During the day at this event many...

What do you think you can do next?

What do you think you can do next?   You have given your employer, the statutory notice of your intention to leave policing or you are about to come to your natural retirement age. What do you think you can do next? I’m sure that many of our readers have thoughts...

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